Planning Services

Whether you are pursuing a land severance, developing a property or simply building a single family home, there are ever increasing regulatory requirements associated with permit approvals. Van Harten has both internal and external resources available to assist with your planning needs through the engineering design and approval stages of your project. This work may include a zone change application, application for site plan approval, application for land severance or application to the committee of adjustment. In these cases, Van Harten will act as your agent to help you through to the end goal.


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Planning Services

With many of our projects, Van Harten is able to provide our client with planning assistance regarding their property.

Below are some of the common planning services offered by our firm. With larger developments, a professional urban planner is often part of a team of consultants involved with obtaining site plan approval.


Van Harten has extensive knowledge regarding land severances and offers all professional survey services related to the creation of your new property. Following some initial consultation and research to ensure that the severance is viable, we are able to assist you through the entire severance application and approval process. Our wide range of surveying and engineering expertise combined with subcontracted environmental consultants enables us to effectively address comments and concerns made by the conservation authorities, municipalities and other regulators through the review process. Upon approval, Van Harten will survey the new property boundary and deposit a new reference plan on title.

A severance inquiry requires time to research and review a number of factors to determine whether or not all the requirements and policies are met. We typically schedule a one hour virtual meeting or in person meeting at our Guelph office to complete a preliminary review of a proposed severance. This review may not provide a complete answer, but it allows us to understand the likelihood of a successful severance. At this time, we review the procedure, professional fees and application fees related to a severance. We might find after a short review that a severance is not possible or that at the end of the meeting you wish to pursue it further. Regardless of the outcome, the cost of this meeting is $190 plus HST and we ask for payment in advance. If you wish to schedule a meeting, please call the Guelph office at 519-821-2763 and press ‘zero’ for reception. Alternatively, click here to submit a form and we’ll get back to you asap.


Part of the approval process for an industrial, commercial or institutional development is the preparation of a site plan that clearly depicts the extent of the proposed development as it relates to the property boundary. This plan includes the site entrance, parking configuration, traffic maneuverability, fire truck access route along with a detailed zoning analysis. Once finalized, this plan proceeds through the site engineering design process. In addition to design work, this role will often entail the coordination of the various consultants leading up to site plan application and review process. Each project is different and our responsibilities will greatly depend on the team of consultants working on behalf of the owner.


The Committee of Adjustment hears applications under the Planning Act. Instances occur where a property owner may seek minor relief from zoning requirements in order to proceed with a development or extend the use of a property that existed before the current zoning by-law came into effect. Van Harten can provide consultation in this regard and act as your agent in through the process.


A zone change is a process that changes the permitted use of land and/ or the specific manner in which land is regulated. Typically when a development is considered to be inconsistent with the current zoning, an application is required to be submitted to the approving authority. Van Harten will consult with our client and act on their behalf through this process.


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