4 Home Maintenace Tips for the Winter

4 Home Maintenace Tips for the Winter

Ontario – the place where snow and freezing temperatures are guaranteed. With December just around the corner, it’s time to start making sure your home is ready for the incoming snowy, icy, and freezing temperatures!

Furnace and boiler

There is never a good time for your furnace or boiler to start malfunctioning. However, it’s possible to say when the worst time is, and that’s usually on a freezing winter’s day. Not only is it extremely inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous too if you’re unable to keep your home warm in extreme temperatures.

Considering the increased likelihood of your boiler or furnace encountering problems while working hard during winter, it’s not always easy to get a technician out to your address immediately. So, the best thing to do is drastically decrease your chances of a major malfunction happening during winter by scheduling in some preventative maintenance in advance and before winter really hits.

Keeping your home insulated

Insulation is crucial to keeping your home warm while using minimal energy to do so. Vast amounts of heat can be lost through your loft and walls if you’re not insulated properly.

Considering that hot air rises, insulation in your loft (an often-forgotten part of the home) is critical to making sure your furnace does not have to work harder than it should to keep your home heated. The added bonus to having the latest standards of insulation in your home? Saving money on your energy bills!

Doors and Windows

It’s not just proper insulation that can save you money on your energy bills. Doors and windows often allow drafts through your home, which are particularly annoying during the cold winter months. Fixing any drafts that are coming in through your doors and windows before winter will help save your furnace doing extra work which will, in turn, save you money! 

Emergency Kit

At Van Harten, we believe it’s also important to have an emergency kit in your home. You can do all the preventative maintenance you want, but there’s always a small possibility something could go wrong at the worse time. Consider how many people are in your home, their ages (the young and old are particularly vulnerable to extremely low temperatures), and plan your kit accordingly to ensure everyone is protected should your home lose heating.

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