Residential Site Plan Orders

Subdivision Property

If you are building a new house and would like Van Harten to complete a site plan for permit application, please complete the order form.

Rural Estate Property

If you are a builder or owner who is building a custom estate home, please complete the order form.

Residential Fieldwork Order

When submitting a work order for fieldwork online, we will do our best to meet the requested time but will depend on scheduling and availability of survey crews. This work will be scheduled no sooner than one business day following submission.

For quality control, Van Harten routinely checks fieldwork the following business day and will immediately report any errors or discrepancies to the client. For this reason, Van Harten will not be responsible for any excavation work completed before 1 pm of the next business day following the stake-out.

Residential Construction Survey Services

If you require Van Harten to complete fieldwork to assist with your house construction, please take the time to complete the order form.