Fence Survey Order

When constructing a fence you should protect your investment by making sure you are building it at the proper location. A fence that is built over a property line can cause legal problems and additional construction costs to correct. For the added level of assurance and peace of mind, please contact Van Harten before you build a fence and have a licensed surveyor determine your property boundaries. A survey technician will visit your property within two weeks of authorization and mark all bars with red wooden stakes to assist you in locating your property limits.

In new subdivisions where Van Harten has completed surveys for the buildings and have crews in the area, our fees including all disbursements are as follows: One lot $650 + HST; Two or more adjoining lots $500 each + HST. We require full payment to proceed with this work.

For other properties, a cost estimate will be provided on a case by case basis.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, cheque or cash. Please take the time to fill out the following form and submit to our office for processing. We will email an invoice to you for payment.


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