The Art of a Land Survey

The Art of a Land Survey

Bounds have no limits

The core work of a land surveyor is determining the location of property boundaries. This should be a fairly simple task. Every property is described in a deed, so one would expect that it would simply be a matter of finding the starting point and then laying out the measurements indicated in the deed.  Here is a simplified example of a legal description followed by a graphical depiction of the result:

Starting at a point 120 feet east along the southerly limit of Bridge from the southeast corner of Albert and Bridge Street,
Then south and parallel to Albert Street, 80 feet.
Then east 45’
Then 80’ north and parallel to Albert Street, 80 feet to the south limit of Bridge Street
Then west along the southerly limit of Bridge Street 45 feet to the point of beginning.

Looking at the example above, you can see how the words of the legal description were interpreted in order to draw the graphic.  The most challenging part was determining the location of the starting point (labeled ‘A’).  After that, we simply follow the measurements indicated in the metes and bounds description to points B, C, D, and then back to A.  

What could go wrong? 

To a land surveyor, that is a rhetorical question, and the graphic here is a representative example of what we see on a regular basis.  If we were to blindly layout the dimensions given in the deed, we would miss the fences and hedge by several feet, and an old dilapidated shed which was thought to be at the back corner is actually well over the boundary. 

Van Harten

For all of our surveys, you can expect us to conduct research in your property beforehand. We will also send a certified field crew to your property, who will perform the physical survey itself using the latest equipment and techniques available. After this is complete, we will work in our office to provide you with a set of comprehensive, quality-checked documents that answer all the questions and fulfill the legal requirements that are often the reason you contacted us for a survey in the first place! 

So, if you’re interested in protecting your investment whether it be when buying a brand new property, or when construction a fence, or anything in-between, you can contact us here to discuss your project today! 

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