Jeff Buisman

Jeff Buisman

Jeff Buisman is an Ontario Land Surveyor and long-standing partner of Van Harten Surveying Inc, joining the company in 1995 and quickly becoming a partner in 1996. Jeff found a strong passion in Land Surveying and specifically enjoyed the challenges it can bring.

Jeff has focused on assisting many clients to meet their goals. Jeff has specialized in obtaining severances, as well as evaluating the possibility of a navigable stream to create a Natural Severance. Other unique requests include the survey of a factory roof for solar panels, figuring out the location of an underground tunnel and figuring out how to lay out the ice rink for the Guelph Storm.

Jeff enjoys solving complex boundary challenges. It is like a puzzle, and he keeps digging until he has uncovered the evidence, history, and notations to provide the right answer.
Jeff appreciates working with a great team of partners who support each other and offer insights to allow for a solid leadership team. He enjoys working with Field Technicians and AutoCad staff to continually strive for a better-quality product that will help the public better understand what the survey is all about.

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